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About Your Account

Sing Up and Login Account

You can sing up and login by using Apple / Line / Twitter / Google account and personal email address.

Personal Information

We collect basic personal information (Age/Gender/Height/Weight) to provide better activity records and personalised content on feed page, and calculate calories burnt during running to earn energy points for you.

Activity records we provide is following items.

  • Running time
  • Average pace
  • Running distance by using GPS on the phone to track exercise data
  • Calories burn

About Gameplay

Captured Territory

Your territory is captured the area from starting spot to ending spot of your running.

Attacked Territory

By time when you stop running record and saved running record, your territory will be generated into the game.

The user who run over your territory in the last takes that area and you loose territory.

About Social Feed

Running Record

Your running record will be saved on feed page.


You can post your content on feed page to share to your friends and public.

About Alliance Team

Alliance Members

For beta version and free users can invite friends to alliance team up to 5 people in one alliance team.

Leave Alliance Team

When you leave from alliance team, you will loose the territory where is rapping over with other alliance members.

About Energy Points

Earn Energy Points

Your energy points are equivalent with your calories burned during your running activities.

Good Energy

You can get additional energy points from impression of your social posting such as your running record and your social posting on feed page.

As same to your friends, you can give the 1 point energy points by tapping “Good Energy” on friends posting.

Contact us

Please feel free to ask us any question?