Awesome Features

Runners planet app and its features

  • GPS tracking

    This allows you to track your route, distance, pace, and other metrics during a run.

  • Social features

    such as the ability to connect with friends and see their progress, join running groups, and participate in virtual races.

  • Chat With friends

    You can chat with our friends across the globe. Group chats are also available

  • Progress tracking and analysis

    Provides detailed graphs and data to help you track your progress over time and identify areas for improvement.

  • Challenges and competitions

    Some alliances may participate in challenges or competitions, such as virtual races, to test their skills and stay motivated..

  • Social feed

    A social feed can allow members of an alliance to see what other members are up to and share their own progress, including photos, updates, and tips.


Runners planet app provices many services, some highlights are here

Your Run Data

You can access all of runs when ever you wanted to. you can easily track and calibrate.

Social Feed

See what other members are up to and share their own progress, including photos, updates, and tips.

Exclusive Design

The UI was exclusivly designed for this app and you can choose you own icon and theme

Track Events

Any One Can Create an Event and they can set the rules for the Event

Easy to Join

You can join the events when have link or when you see it in app by just one click

Monitor & Manage

You can moniter and manage the event once you joined it.

Leader Board

For Every Event it has leader board. you can check who's on the top

Build your Own Allinace

Runners planet provides you to build a alliance. that you can people like you in that alliance

  • Very Easy to create. Simple to add people and share it otheres

  • You can create your own logo for you alliance

  • You can chat will your allinace at a time in group chat

  • You can't join other allinace. if you're already in an Allinace

  • You can Moniter you alliance and can see others profile with in your alliance

App Screenshots

Frequently Asked Questions

Open App and click on the "Sign in" button. Enter you detials and click on the "Sign in" button.

Open App and click on the "Create Event" button. Enter you detials and click on the "Create Event" button.

Select a name for your alliance. and create logo that suits your alliance. and click on the "Create Alliance" button.

it is important for users to carefully read and understand the privacy policy of any app or service before using it. This can help you understand what data the app collects, how it is used, and who it is shared with.

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