Our Potential Maximized

Our Mission

To provide the platform where you can start wherever you are and be whoever you are.

We would like to be there when you pass every milestone; when you share the joy; and when you realized your potential.

Your confidence drives us to deliver better experience.

Why Runners Planet?

Human Potential

We believe in human potential. We would like to empower you towards your aspirations, to be a better version of yourself. We would like to give you the platform to invest in yourself, body, mind and soul. First step starts from wherever you are. We enable you, not only to track your workouts but have fun doing so. Besides, you can connect with friends, discover new experiences, and be rewarded for the effort.

User Experience

We work closely with our partners with a focus on user experience. We would like to provide the platform where our partners can engage with our users, be part of their journey, gain business insights and together we form a sustainable community.

Brand Stories

We would also like to give our partners the opportunity to tell their stories and to celebrate the achievements of our heroes. Your businesses are here to stay and to sustain each one of us through this journey. We would love to get in touch with you.

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We are always looking for partners to share our positive energy!